Plan a Perfect Stress-Free Menu

Wine bottle and cheese

Planning a dinner party menu can be stressful. Give yourself a break by centering the menu on two or three elements: serve seasonally and locally, choose one type of cuisine, and use your main dish as a guide for dishes that play off one another. Follow the traditional three- or four-course meal when you want to serve a formal dinner!

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    Mix-Up New Drinks at Your Dinner Party

    Vegetable Pizza

    You’re likely familiar with how to pair wine and food—or at least you know that it’s a common practice when serving formal dinners. However, wine isn’t the only beverage that’s acceptable at dinner parties these days! If you love wine, feel free to introduce local or esoteric wines to your guests. You can also mix things up at your next soiree and pair your dishes with beer, liquor, or upscale non-alcoholic beverages. Here’s what beverages pair with which foods.